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Since its inception, the ITMSA has made it our mission to seek out value-adding partnerships that enrich the BTM experience. Throughout the year, we provide various opportunities and events through which we can help you reach your brand's strategic goals. As well, you will be supporting the TRSM Student Body and connecting with young eager professionals. We have several partnership options and are more than willing to offer customized plans.

Receive increased exposureYour brand will be marketed to over 1, 800 driven and savvy Business Technology Management students, in addition to our alumni. & Menus

Countless opportunitiesStylish & Inclusion of your brand (posters, pamphlets, brochures, description) at our event(s), your brand on our website, and other opportunities. Exact arrangements can be discussed.

Establish connectionsThe ITMSA seeks to create memorable experiences for our student body through our various events. By being one of our sponsors, you will be a part of the lives of many students. & Icons

a non-profit student-run association

Our group of talented student volunteers works hard to host events geared towards the betterment of the student body, enhancing their academic, social, and professional aspects.

Social Media Exposure

With over 4000+ social media followers across all platforms, we have the tools required to help you reach your target audience.

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Branded Apparel at Event

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