Information Technology Management Students' Association

Welcome to the ITMSA, the premier course union and student association for the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management at Ryerson University. Since its inception, the ITMSA has grown to become the premier course union for the largest Business Technology Management (BTM) student population in the country. Our executive team continually strives to seek what is in the best interests for our students in order to keep them ahead of their competition upon graduation. The ITMSA hosts many events that not only helps shape our students to become industry ready professionals after their academic career, but also helps them to become well rounded, social and corporate responsible individuals.

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Tech IT Forward

This year, the ITMSA is proud to present an ongoing charity initiative called 'Tech IT Forward' that aims to help alleviate the Digital Divide.


Our Mandate

1. To serve the Business Technology Management (BTM) student body.

2. To be a catalyst in the positive branding of the BTM program and Ryerson University.

3. To contribute to the lively spirit of the TRSM community.


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